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Western Alfalfa Milling Company (WAMCO) is located "smack dab" in the middle of North America on the rolling plains of the Canadian Prairies. WAMCO is a national leader in the production and processing of Certified Organic and conventional dehydrated alfalfa pellets for the livestock feed industry. Our alfalfa is grown and processed near Norquay, SK before being shipped across North America.

As well as producing alfalfa pellets for the feed industry, WAMCO is also a pioneer in developing Alfalfa Green, our slow-release fertilizer and soil amendment. To learn more, visit our new website at www.alfalfagreen.ca or contact us!


The Mill has been operational for fifteen years.  We began growing and processing Certified Organic products ten years ago. As a matter of fact, no commercial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used on any of our lands!

We produce, sell, and distribute over 20,000 metric tonnes of alfalfa products each year to our valued customers, both local and international. We strive to provide first class service to each and every customer, and wish to extend our appreciation to all of our past and current customers. 

We farm thousands of acres near Norquay, Saskatchewan. Our dedicated field team harvests these acres each summer and fall to bring in the alfalfa for processing.

WAMCO is a member of:

  • Organic Trade Association,
  • Canadian Organic Association,
  • Canadian Organic Trade Association,
  • Canadian Organic Growers,
  • Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership,
  • Canadian Land Reclamation Association,
  • Saskatchewan Parks and Recreations Association,
  • Saskatchewan Environmental Industry & Managers Association,
  • Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network,

And more!

Livestock Feed

Western Alfalfa Milling Co. Ltd. (WAMCO) is a Canadian leader in supplying high-quality alfalfa pellets into the livestock industry across North America.

WAMCO alfalfa pellets are made with 100% alfalfa forage grown in fields near Norquay, SK. The fields are sustainably managed using proper crop rotations to maintain soil health. Cut prior to flowering, the forage is brought to the mill yard just outside of Norquay, where it is formed into 1/4" (6 mm) pellets with a special process that uses only heat, steam and pressure. This process 

eliminates the need for synthetic binding agents so you're feeding nothing but the good stuff to your livestock.

Available as either conventional or Certified Organic by EcoCert Canada, WAMCO alfalfa pellets are natural and packed full of nutrients. Whether you're feeding beef cattle, dairy cows, poultry, pigs, sheep, horses, bison, or goats, alfalfa pellets are a great addition to your feed program.

View our typical nutritional analysis here or contact us for more information!

Alfalfa pellets are a great feed supplement for beef herds.


For general inquiries, call the office at 306-594-2362 or leave us a message using the form below.

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For inquiries regarding sales and/or marketing, contact:

April Guertin- Sales & Marketing Manager

April started at WAMCO back in 2012 and holds her Organic Master Gardener Certificate. She is more than happy to offer you a price quote and discuss shipping options. To reach April, call our office at 306-594-2362.

For inquiries regarding billing or payments, please contact:

Lois Matton (CPA, CMA) -Accounting Manager

Lois came to work at WAMCO in 2016 as the Accounting Manager after working in Ontario for several years. Lois can be contacted by calling our office at 306-594-2362.

For inquiries regarding research or collaboration, contact:

Hillary Luchinski (BSA, AAg)- Environmental Development & Marketing

Hillary started for WAMCO in 2016 after finishing her BSA at the University of Saskatchewan. If you have have research questions or are considering collaboration, call Hillary at the office 306-594-2362.