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For inquiries regarding sales and/or marketing, contact:

April Guertin- Sales & Marketing Manager

April started at WAMCO back in 2012 and holds her Organic Master Gardener Certificate. She is more than happy to offer you a price quote and discuss shipping options. To reach April, call our office at 306-594-2362.

For inquiries regarding billing or payments, please contact:

Lois Matton (CPA, CMA) -Accounting Manager

Lois came to work at WAMCO in 2016 as the Accounting Manager after working in Ontario for several years. Lois can be contacted by calling our office at 306-594-2362.

For inquiries regarding research or collaboration, contact:

Hillary Luchinski (BSA, AAg)- Environmental Development & Marketing

Hillary started for WAMCO in 2016 after finishing her BSA at the University of Saskatchewan. If you have have research questions or are considering collaboration, call Hillary at the office 306-594-2362.